Friday, March 16, 2007

Powder Burn Flash # 18 - Shannan A. Gros

Nighttime Intruders

My eyes slowly opened as I starred into the night. I was awoken by someone whispering from inside the room. When I sat up I realized what was happening.

“Who the hell are you?” I demanded. Brandee began screaming on the bed next to me.

The man standing at the foot of the bed did not respond, he just stood there with his pistol pointed at my head. There were two other men in the room; they were holding Brandee down on the bed. All three of them were wearing masks to cover there faces.

“Shut up bitch, before I kill you.” The smaller of the two men said as he covered Brandee’s mouth with his hand.

“Get up”, the man with the gun ordered of me. His voice sounded vaguely familiar.

I stood up next to the bed and began walking toward the man. “Do you know who I am? I will find out who you are, you bet you asses I will. And when I do, I am personally—“

“Shut up, all you do is talk shit. Now come here!”

Standing several feet in front of the man with the gun it finally hit me, “Jacob Bourgeois? What the hell are you doing, you’re like a brother to me?”

Jacob took off his mask, “yea, I was.”

As I lunged at Jacob, I was struck from behind and fell to the ground.

When I grabbed the back of my head I felt the warm blood begin to ooze through my fingers. I laid there for a second wondering what just happened. When I turned over, Brandee was standing next to Jacob.

“What the hell happened” Brandee asked looking at Jacob.

“I told you he would recognize my voice. I said I would do it if he did not know it was me. When he said my name I froze.”

“Just give me the gun; we need to hurry up.”

Jacob handed her the gun, and kissed her on the lips. She turned and looked down at me, the moonlight glistened across the bruise under her right eye.

“You’ll never beat another woman again.” She whispered as she pulled the trigger.


Bio: Shannan has several flash pieces awaiting publication with Flashshots e-zine and DZ Allen’s Muzzle Flash. He has been recently published in the Nefarious – tales of mystery e-zine. Shannan also enjoys spending time with his family and teaching himself to play guitar.

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