Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentine Special

I'm proud to be participating in this wonderful tribute to the day of love. Patti Abbott has worked hard to pull together all these stories and I feel priviledged that Powder Burn Flash is able to assist in posting some of the stories.

Below you will find a listing of the stories submitted.

Read them all with the one you love.............

"Bye, Bye Love" Sandra Seamans

"Love on the Rocks" Aldo Calcagno

"Tongues" Patricia Abbott

"It Ain't Easy Loving Green" Daniel Hatadi

"Stand Up on Blow Pops" Bryon Quertermous

"Cupids Bullet" Clair Dickson

"Warmer" Cormac Brown

"Leaving Rachel" Patrick Shawn Bagley (reprinted from FITG)

"Connect the Dots" Gerald So

"The Many Forms of Love" Steve Allan

"Beautiful Trouble" Christa Miller from FITG)

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Unknown said...

A great collection for Valentine's Day. My vote goes for, "The Many Forms of Love."

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