Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Powder Burn Flash # 39 - Eddie Ryan


A shrill cry shattered the evening air.

“Polly’s been murdered,” Alma gasped.

The Rector Robert Frost knelt beside the body. Apart from an incision at the base of neck, there was little sign that a felony had occured. Polly lay peacefully on her side, her deep Blue eyes staring at the ceiling.

“ We won’t have far to look for the culprits,Its time we paid those gentlemen a visit,” Robert said grimly.
They both walked forlornly to the sitting room, the door was slightly ajar.

“You did it,” Alma screamed as a dark pair of eyes swept over her.”

“Alma,” Robert said gently, “Its best not make an assumptions until we know the truth.”

Mr. Asner stared coldly out the window, unmoved by Alma’s outburst. Mr Barnum leaned casually against the oak table, if he had committed a murder; he showed no signs of it.
Mister Barnum scratched his head and opened his mouth, as if about to speak.
Robert sighed and put his arm around his shaking wife.

At that very moment a breathless Gertrude Geller entered the room.

“I heard the scream and came as quickly as I could,” the by now Red faced next door Neighbor panted.

The Rector paced over to Mr. Barnum and gave him a steely stare.

Mr. Barnum looked desperately at Mr. Asner as if seeking some help. Mr. Asner turned away, and ignored him.

“You’ve got a guilty look Mr. Barnum,” the Vicar contined.
Mr. Barnum shifted uneasily, his eyes began to blink faster, he felt trapped he wanted to make a run for it now.

“Wait,” Gertrude broke in, I think I know the killer.”

“I went for my nap about Four PM. I remember falling asleep quickly it was so warm and so very still. I was in a deep sleep. When I thought I heard a cry, it was Polly’s voice”...
“At first I thought I was dreaming and fell back to sleep. Now I realize it was Polly calling out the name of her Assailant.”

“She screamed, Murder, Murder, Mr......

Robert and Alma leaned forward as Gertrude unmasked a killer.

“Mr, Asner.”

The Reverend inhaled sharply.
“Oh no Gertrude,not Mr Asner.”

Robert shook his head sorrowfully.

Robert called out as Mr. Asner raced from the room.

“You wont get away this.”

Mr. Asner kept going. He knew it was time to disappear for a while,and ride out the storm.

A cold Autumn sun shone down as they layed Polly to rest. Robert and Alma read the inscription with misty eyes.


The Ginger Tom Cat emerged from the bushes and walked slowly back towards the house.

“Your a very very naughty boy,” Alma scolded as he marched away.

Mr. Asner kept walking. The storm was already abating, It was time for his favorite Arm chair. Murder after all, could be a very tiresome business!

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