Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Powder Burn Flash # 31 - Shannan A. Gros

Accidental Death

“Hello.... I’ll be there in thirty minutes.”

“Who was that?” Jessica asked, as she laid on the edge of the bed.”

"Work....just wait here I will be back in a couple of hours.”

After getting dressed, Reggie left the hotel room. He got into his car and headed northbound on hwy 1 toward the parish line.

Reggie looked at his cell as he scrolled through the phone book menu. Finding the number he was looking for he pressed the call button.

“She’s there by herself, I have to leave for a couple hours, get it done as quickly as possible.”

After hanging up Reggie gently pressed on the accelerator and eased back into his seat. -- He thought this was going to make everything better.


Jessica was under the covers watching television when she noticed a shadow outside the hotel window. She waved it off at first thinking that it was someone just passing, but when the shadow returned several minutes later, Jessica could feel the hairs on the back of her neck beginning to stand up in fright.

She slowly got out of bed and put on her clothes. She creep towards the door along the wall. She could hear someone talking outside the door. The voice’s of two men.

She heard one of them say, “As soon as those people finish loading up their car were going in.”

Jessica’s heart began to race. "What is going on, who are they and what do they want?"

Her eyes began to well up with tears. Trying to pull herself together, she noticed something sticking out of the side of the bed between the mattresses. Jessica grabbed it just as she heard the hotel door bust open.


Reggie pulled into the old abandoned sugar mill in Napoleonville. He parked his car in the darkest corner he could find. Reggie turned off his lights as he got out of the car. Looking at his watch and realizing he was a couple minutes early Reggie lit up a cigarette while he waited.


It’s about damn time, Reggie thought to himself when the first car pulled into the sugar mill. The car stopped about fifty feet from where Reggie was standing and three men got out, none of which Reggie had ever seen before.

The second car, a black 328xi BMW Coupe with dark tinted windows parked next to the other car. An older man wearing a black double breasted suit got out of the rear passenger side of the car.

Reggie knew who the man was, but has never met him in person before. The man walked up to Where Reggie and the other three men were standing.

“Mr. Duncan, I appreciate you meeting me like this,” Reggie said to the man in the suit, knowing that you don’t get to meet him like this unless you screwed up.

“Shut up!” Mr. Duncan yelled, “What happened on your last assignment?”

“I’m sorry Mr. Duncan, it was an accident. The target’s wife came home earlier than expected. She walked in as I was cleaning up. I had to take care of her, so she couldn’t call the cops. I won’t let it happen--"

“You’re damn right it won’t,” Mr. Duncan eyes watered up and a tear ran down his check.

Clinching his teeth he muttered, “The man’s wife you killed....was my baby sister.”

Mr. Duncan then tuned and walked back to his car.

Reggie looked surprised to hear what Mr. Duncan had just said and didn’t notice that one of the three men, now standing in front of him had a pistol in his hand and was pointing it at Reggie’s face.

Reggie reached for his chrome plated snub nose from his waist band, his heart stopped beating before the bullet ever penetrated his skull...


Bio: Shannan has several flash stories accepted for publication from Flashshots. He has several flash pieces published through Nefarious – Tales of Mystery, Powder Burn Flash and DZ Allen’s Muzzle Flash. Shannan enjoys, playing guitar and spending time with his family.

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