Tuesday, January 2, 2007

OK, This is How Its Done....(Submission Guidelines)

Take your best shot! I'm looking for dark but well written noir that focuses on crime and mystery. Those stories with cordite get extra points!

Check out the bullet points (get it?).....
  • I'm looking for original material. That means not published anywhere else.
  • 1000 words or less. OK, 1001 might be OK too.
  • You, the author, retain the copyrights to your material. What would I do with them anyway?
  • Stories need to be fairly well edited. I don't plan on editing anyone's work. I have a hard enough time doing my own.
  • If the story is too far off base, I will let you know. No gory torture or graphic sex. Be good and let your audience fill in the spaces with their imagination.
  • You are encouraged to respond to comments posted by readers.

Where to point the gun (submission information).....

  • Email your story to powderburnflash@sbcglobal.net with Submission in the comment line.
  • Cut and paste your submission in the body of the email…no attachments.
  • Include a short bio or where you can be contacted.
  • I will not post anonymous submissions.
  • Average posting time is 2 to 3 days.

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